Sometimes you hear stories that really touch your heart, this is one of them. A husband and wife in Billings,MT who are so selfless need our help and I hope once again you will answer this call. 

A husband and wife in Billings, MT need help raising money to get a van to transport their 13 children, 5 of whom are in wheel chairs and others with special needs. Being a parent in general is tough, as many of you know a lot comes with that. Then you imagine the hard task of raising a child with special needs or a disability and most likely your duties are going to increase.  Well the Degges take care of as many of those children as they can and they are in major need of this vehicle to transport all of them along with some occasional caregivers that are assisting.

As Cheryl has said she knows she probably won't raise the $70,000 which is the cost of a new van that can carry her 5 handicap children at the same time but anything will help.

What Cheryl Lynn Degges and her husband have shown is tremendous, they have stepped outside the lines of normal parenting to parent, watch and protect the children that may not be able to on there own. With 13 kids,some in wheelchairs, you can't take them all safely in an average van to go do things. That's ultimately what they would like, to be able to take all of their kids to do things together, as everything family would. Cheryl talks about them loving camping, visiting family in Wolf Point and they love the fair and bowling. It'd be so wonderful if they could do those things all together.

Family time is so important to all of us and this family that is so full of love and understanding needs to have that family time together, everyone single one of them. Let's help a family that has helped so many and will continue to do so. This would be such a wonderful cause to be able to help.

You can donate here.

To the Degges Family; you are truly selfless, and it is so great that you are here for these kids.




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