Town Pump is one of Montana's biggest companies, with around 70 gas stations, 66 casinos and 8 motels in 48 locations around our state. They don't show up on the "biggest employers" lists, because of the way their corporate structure is designed. If they did, they would be in the top five. According to a 1999 article in the Missoulian, the company has around 1500+/- employees and a payroll of about $30 million. That was in 1999, so I imagine those numbers are significantly higher now. Not too shabby for a family-owned company that started with a single gas station in Butte in 1953.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Montanans joke about a Town Pump casino in every town, but for many of our smaller communities, the local Town Pump is often one of the few places to purchase basic necessities and socialize.

The company is quite charitable. In 2019 the Town Pump Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary. In the past 18 years, Town Pump has donated $6.75 million in matching funds to food banks in Montana. They support reading programs like Reading Rocks in local communities, the Adopt a Family Christmas Program, numerous Veterans groups, the Montana Hope Project, Montana Special Olympics (did you buy your truck raffle ticket yet?) and numerous other non-profits.

In 2020 Town Pump will offer $500,000 in grant money to volunteer EMT and ambulance service groups in Montana. The deadline to apply for grant money is March 31st. APPLICATION HERE. The money can be used for various equipment like radios, defibrillators, extraction gear, etc. Thanks, Town Pump!

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