Since the day I moved to the Magic City back in 2012, I discovered a little known secret -- Billings has excellent microbreweries. I think by now I must have trolled every one of them. In order, my favorite beers here are:

1. Anger Management Belgian Wheat at Angry Hank's
2. Custer's Last Stout at Montana Brewing Company
3. Black Widow Oatmeal Stout at Yellowstone Brewing Company
4. Golden Ticket Ale at Uber Brew.
5. Dog Slobber Ale at Angry Hank's

I have a theory: I think what makes beer in Billings so special is that Montana farmers grow the highest quality wheat in the country. Just like a great sandwich starts with great bread, the best beer starts with the best wheat.

To prove I'm not just being a homer, has named Billings as the #10 Beer City in all of America. Here's the entire list.

#10. Billings
#9. Hershey, PA
#8. Bellingham, WA
#7. St. Louis, MO
#6. Grand Rapids, MI
#5. Tampa, FL
#4. Albuquerque, NM
#3. San Diego, CA
#2. Denver, CO
#1. Bend, OR

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