Neighborhood lawns in Billings may be getting a little browner beginning next month, with the announcement of watering restrictions from Billings Public Works.

According to the announcement, Stage 1 water restrictions will go into effect on August 2, prohibiting lawn watering on Monday's for all residential, business, and government properties. The restrictions will remain in place through September 15, 2021.

All parks inside the city limits will also be under this watering restriction on Monday's, whether served by the City of Billings or the Heights Water District.

Billings Public Works says the watering restriction is being issued "in response to record temperatures, and high water demands." When Stage 1 restrictions go into place, public works crews will be able to address "equipment capacity, overheating issues, and to allow water tanks to fully fill."

With the high demand and extreme temperatures, Billings Public Works says the equipment "is at risk of failure," and don't generally have this water demand except for "a couple of weeks in August."

During the recent high demand for water in Billings, reservoirs aren't able to fill each day, which causes "lowered water pressure and less water available for fire protection," according to the press release.

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Billings Public Works also asks that residents don't try and "over water" on Tuesday's, and if Stage 1 restrictions are successful, no further steps would be taken. If residents don't follow restrictions in Stage 1, more watering restrictions could be implemented.

Some future restrictions for lawn watering in Billings may include alternate day watering, time of day prohibitions of watering lawn, and a full on lawn watering ban.

We understand the inconvenience for residents. Please recognize the necessity of these restrictions to ensure that we can deliver water throughout this long, dry summer. -Billings Public Works

Properties and parks that are served by a well or an irrigation ditch are exempt from the Monday watering restriction.

Residents can call Billings Public Works with their questions and concerns at 406-657-8230.

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