If you live in the residential areas south of Grand Avenue, I apologize. No, not because of the location or anything, but because you'll soon have to deal with construction vehicles in your area. A significant construction project is set to begin next week and continue until likely the end of the Summer. We recommend finding an alternative route to work.

Residential areas from Grand Avenue to State Avenue will be affected.

According to the City of Billings Public Works Facebook Page, the project is a massive sewer main replacement and is scheduled to begin on May 16. However, the majority of the replacement work will take place in alleys, so commute delays will depend on the type of construction being done.

The map above details the construction plan, and location of work across the coming months. The City of Billings Public Works stated, "As per usual, planning ahead & taking the scenic route is highly recommended."

Construction crews to use a couple of different types of work

Certain parts of this project will require the use of trenches to get right down into the sewer line. Billings Public Works has stated that alley access will not be available while trenches are present, and residents who park in affected alleys are being told to use any form of street parking.

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Hopefully, this construction won't be too terrible for too many commutes. Billings Public Works has also stated that updates on the project will be given weekly to show progress and notify the public of any changes or concerns. If you have any questions regarding this project, you are encouraged to contact the City of Billings.

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