Another week is in the books. I have never been in a bad mood on a Friday at 10 a.m. Not that I'm hardly EVER in a bad mood.

Golfing has returned to my universe, and I'm quite happy. I played 48 holes this week. The goal for 2022 is 1,800 holes another equivalent of 100 rounds. We'll see.

Gas has made it over four bucks.

A couple of the "for sale" groups that I watch had some interesting items for sale this week. In addition to used furniture, you could have picked up used puzzles, a used slot machine, and baseballs that were made specifically for a pitching machine.

Every person that I talked to who went said Jeff Dunham was awesome.

I also saw an ad that was selling AC units for golf carts. Hmm.

We got a lot of responses from listeners about the spending of COVID-19 money during the pandemic. Nobody was happy with what they heard. And we all agree that we wish SD-2 would be more transparent with how the taxpayer dollars are spent. Like a big pie chart on the top of their website. Just a suggestion.

And speaking of schools, please pay attention to your school board races and vote for candidates who are trying to make a difference. These races traditionally get very low voter turnout.

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I never go to movies anymore, but I'd sure like to go see "Ted K" which from what I understand was filmed in and around Lincoln, MT where the Unibomber actually lived.

Have a great weekend.

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