Good news for Billings Police officer Jeremiah Adams, who was hit by a car last week in a wild confrontation with six juveniles. Officer Adams was released from the hospital today (2/19) and will be recovering at home for the next few months. From the BPD press release:

 Billings Police Department (BPD) K9 Officer Jeremiah Adams was released from the hospital today. Officer Adams was seriously injured on 02/15/2020 when the driver of a vehicle intentionally struck him while standing outside of his police vehicle. Surgeons used a metal rod, plates, and screws to put Officer Adam’s left leg back together. Prognosis is positive with expectations that he will be able to return to full duty after 5-6 months of recovery. While the BPD is saddened to see any Officer injured in the line of duty, we are very grateful the outcome was not worse. We look forward to his recovery and return to serve of the community. K9 Susan was not injured in the incident and will remain at Officer Adams’ side while he recovers. Also, it’s likely she will enjoy some couch time and lots of belly rubs for the next few months. The BPD will not be releasing any additional investigative details due to on-going criminal prosecution and the involvement of juveniles. Any additional details about the incident will have to be obtained through public court records.

Lots of us are still wondering what in the heck the teenagers were thinking and concerned about the obvious lack of parenting. Real life is not Grand Theft Auto, which I'm sure the kids are finding out. The hard way.

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