Calling all auto-body workers, repair shops, painters, mechanics or car enthusiasts who can recognize the vehicle that the parts in the photo came from. In a Wednesday (12/16) press release, Billings Police Department Lt. Brandon Wooley said investigators are interested in a vehicle that was involved in a hit and run accident on December 2, 2020 critically inuring a 25-year-old Billings man.

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The BPD is asking for input regarding the vehicle, a late model, grey car, truck or SUV - make, model and year unknown. The vehicle has damage to the front drivers side and the radiator.

We are asking ask mechanics, neighbors, or friends to contact the BPD with any information regarding vehicles or vehicle repairs matching the description around this time frame. Additionally, we are asking for assistance in tips about possible make and model of vehicle based on the picture of car parts.

On the night of the hit and run, officers followed the vehicle from the 1700 block of Central Ave, eventually losing the vehicle in the neighborhood of Elysian Rd. If you recognize the car, can help identify the make or model of the vehicle or have video of the car passing through the neighborhoods of 32nd and Central, Zoo Drive, Gable Road or surrounding streets, please call the non-emergent dispatch number at 657-8200.

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