A battle between Billings' heroes will happen in downtown this weekend, with a couple of charities being the financial beneficiary of the event.

The inaugural Firefighters vs Police Charity Softball Game will take place this Saturday (8/7) at beautiful Dehler Park, with the first pitch at 4:30 PM for the fundraiser event. This family-friendly game will take place before the Mustangs vs Missoula Paddleheads game.

Come out and watch our Billings Firefighters battle it out on the field versus our Billings Police officers, with tickets for the Mustangs game required for entry to the charity game.

According to a post on the Billings Fire Fighters Facebook page, BFD will be collecting donations for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and BPD will be collecting donations for the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools.

To purchase tickets for this Saturday's Mustangs game vs. Missoula, which also grants you access to the charity softball game, CLICK HERE.

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