Talk about timing. I turned on the TV in my camper on Sunday morning and just happened to be flipping through the channels when I spotted this great cap being worn by one of the Skyview High School graduates- "You will never see this face AGAIN!":

Credit screenshot from SWX TV video feed.

I had to snag a quick photo and tweet out a hat tip to the photog at SWX TV for spotting that cap.


I also shared a screenshot of the seating arrangements, since the students had to wear masks and be seated at least six feet apart in order for the graduation ceremonies to happen:

Credit SWX TV screenshot from video feed.

It was definitely weird seeing the students all lined up and spaced so far apart. Twitter user John Jackson described the "apocalyptic" scene:

Lined up like some scene out of an apocalyptic movie, when there are five active cases in Yellowstone County and three (3) hospitalizations in the whole state.


To which I replied:

Yeah definitely creepy looking with the full crowd shot. But at least they're making it happen for the grads and their families


By the way, I was up in the Flathead, several hours drive from Billings, so it was even cooler spotting the graduation ceremonies for Billings Skyview High School seniors LIVE on TV. (And for the record, that was about the only couple of minutes I spent watching TV.)