Ok, Boomer. Yesterday, while producing the statewide talk show Montana Talks as the normal guy is out on family matters, we had a caller who called to simply complain (to me, not Aaron Flint on air) about Gen Z & Millennials... how we speak... how we act... and how we "can't even balance a checkbook."

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After a *great* conversation, that caller quickly found out she was complaining to a Millennial... and that was futile.

Ok, Boomer.

I'll have you know... I CAN balance a checkbook, as I took 2 years of accounting classes in High School. Have I ever needed to "balance a checkbook"? Nope. Why? I don't USE a checkbook. And, honestly, not many people I know use a checkbook anymore these days.

We have debit & credit cards. If we need cash, we use the ATM at our bank or wherever we are. We don't waste time, holding up the line at the grocery store, writing out a check.

And if we need to know how much money we have in our bank account? We open... an app. Or visit a website. Or press the button on the ATM for our balance.

Gen Z Slang

On the topic of "Kids these days don't even talk right"... I seem to have no issue with it. Though, I am stuck in the 90s/00s/10s for my slang. I've been caught using "Fire", "Lit", "Totally Tubular", "Slay" and more. Do you know what any of that means? Let's see how smart YOU are, Boomer. Here are the Top Gen Z Slang Words YOU Should Know.

OK, Boomer! 50 Gen Z Slang Words YOU Need To Know In Montana.

So you are an old, complaining boomer. And this new Gen Z and Millennial slang confuses you. Let me educate you on these new-fangled words, so you can be hip with the kids. :)

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