Pet owners wish our dogs and cats would live as long as we do. It flat out sucks having to say goodbye to a dog every 10 to 15 years (add a few years for cats). Taking your pet to the vet for that "final visit" is awful and you always put it off as long as possible. Eventually that day comes when you load your precious furbaby into the car for one last ride. Tears flow as you leave the vets office with their collar and leash, never to go on another walk. It's a horrible feeling and I'm almost tearing up remembering the last time we had to make that journey with our beloved Cash, the Amazing Chocolate Wonder Dog.

Scrolling Facebook last night I came across a relatively new service in Billings called Gentle Passings. Their team comes to your home to make the final days/weeks/months of your pets life as comfortable as possible and when the time comes to say goodbye, they will handle the procedure at your home. This is such a fantastic idea and their reviews are excellent.

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I spoke with Gentle Passings employee Misty Mast who told me they have three licensed veterinarians on staff (including longtime Billings vet/Gentle Passings owner Dr. Jodie Anderson) as well as support staff who work together to make the trip over the rainbow bridge less traumatic.

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You don't need a referral from your current vet and prices in the immediate Billings area range from around $120 to $195. There is an additional cost for cremation services (they work with Faithful Friends Crematorium). You can find more information on their Facebook page plus some great articles about caring for aging pets. Their number is 406-927-7177.

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