The images used to create the nearly nine-minute-long Black Sabbath video for 'God Is Dead?' come from a wide range of places. Little new footage was shot for the just-released clip. Instead director Peter Joseph borrowed from his previous works and archival Sabbath footage.

The question asked by the new single from '13' is how can God still be alive with so much evil and death happening daily. War footage is spliced between images that depict gross commercialism, glutonly, greed and vanity. The main character is a middle-aged white man trapped in New York City. Life is literally racing past him.

"When will this nightmare be over tell me / When can I emtpy my head / Will someone tell me the answer / Is God really dead?" Ozzy Osbourne sings on a song that is thin on lyrics, but thick with heavy guitar riffs. Joseph is liberal with his artistic interpretation, often relying on crude but effective sketches as symbols. Shapes and free-form expression dominate other scenes. At times it resembles a Pink Floyd laser show.

Joseph is best known as a social activist and 'Zeitgeist' filmmaker. The controversial director says the band told him his work inspired the song, while admitting he's a longtime fan of the band. '13' is in stores tomorrow (June 11).