Blake Lively is an actress and model and probably best known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen in the television drama ‘Gossip Girl.’ Her movie credits include ‘Accepted,’ ‘The Town,’ and ‘The Green Lantern.’ She is also, we assume, the most hated woman in the world because she is currently dating Ryan Reynolds.

Women have to calm down about their outward hatred of famous women that date famous men. It’s one thing for ScarJo to hate the woman dating her ex-husband, but the fact that women in the middle of Arkansas hate Lively is absurd. It’s like those little Beiber freaks that sent Selena Gomez death threats. Calm your crotch sweat ladies, whether The Biebs or The Ry-Dog (that’s his nickname right?) are attached or single, you and your sweatpants that look like jeans and beds full of stuffed Woodstock characters don’t have a chance.

We do, however, condone public support groups to cope with that fact. Our weekly “Coo-Coo for Cuoco” group meets every Thursday night after ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Sweatpant jeans optional but encouraged!


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