As any Freddie Mercury or Jimi Hendrix fan can tell you, making a movie about the life and times of a famous musician is often easier said than done. But if any enterprising filmmaker ever takes it upon him or herself to put together a Blondie biopic, it sounds like they might be able to count on support from the band's frontwoman, Deborah Harry.

"It's difficult. You can only really skim the surface," Harry admitted when asked in a recent interview if she'd be open to the idea of a Blondie film. It's a concept, however, that has a certain amount of appeal. "If it's good entertainment, honest, well-acted and directed? Maybe," she continued. "I think many people could be informed and have a finer appreciation of the person or era."

That doesn't mean Harry will be much help in terms of putting together the screenplay. "Unfortunately not. I wish that I had," she answered when asked if she'd kept journals or notes. "My impressions will simply be that, impressions. It's funny, someone will say something and then a memory will come flashing back of some big event. But I'm noteless. I guess I'm lazy. Well, I'm not so much a person who deals with facts as much as feelings."

And while she appreciates the idea of a tribute to her past, Harry remains forward-focused. "I like moving ahead. I like change, I like new things," she asserted. "It's good to escape. I have an adventurous spirit."

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