The extensive series of tour dates Bob Seger has lined up in support of his new hit record 'Ride Out' won't begin until late November, which means he'll be home to enjoy Halloween with his family. He will not, however, be dressing up.

Admitting he's "the only one" in his family who refuses to wear a Halloween costume, Seger told ABC News Radio that it's his proud prerogative as the man of the house to wear regular clothes on Oct. 31. "I reserve the right, being the paterfamilias or whatever you want to call it," he explained, adding that on the rare occasions when he's forced to play along, he'll just cheat. "I'll dress up in something I'll really feel good in, like my motorcycle stuff. I'll say, 'I'm a motorcycle guy.' That's what I go as," he laughed. "No imagination in that regard."

That doesn't mean he doesn't take any enjoyment from Halloween tradition, though. "My wife loves Halloween, and her mother comes over and her sister and [her] kid and our kids, and we just sit at the front door and watch all the great kid costumes and the parents from the neighborhood," he said. "It's a fun time."

Seger recently added a handful of dates to his upcoming North American tour, which will keep him on the road at least through late February. Have a look at the expanded schedule below.

Bob Seger 2014/2015 Tour Dates
11/19 - Saginaw, MI
11/22 - Bangor, ME
11/24 - Halifax, NS, Canada
11/26 - Saint John, NB, Canada
11/29 - Boston, MA
12/02 - Albany, NY
12/04 - Cleveland, OH
12/06 - Uncasville, CT
12/09 - Grand Rapids, MI
12/11 - Chicago, IL
12/13 - St. Louis, MO
12/17 - Buffalo, NY
12/19 - New York, NY
1/20 - Toledo, OH
1/22 - Pittsburgh, PA
1/24 - Toronto, ON, Canada
1/27 - Charleston, WV
1/29 - Columbus, OH
1/31 - Atlanta, GA
2/03 - Ft. Myers, FL
2/05 - Tampa, FL
2/07 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2/10 - Lafayette, LA
2/12 - Dallas, TX
2/14 - Houston, TX
2/17 - Wichita, KS
2/19 - Phoenix, AZ
2/27 - Los Angeles, CA

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