Did you know Brian Johnson from AC/DC had been quietly hosting and producing a cool, interview-style, TV show since 2017 called Brian Johnson's Life on The Road? It's been airing in the U.K. and Ireland, and is coming to the US this September on the AXS Network (Spectrum HD channel 588).

Brian said hosting the show and getting to basically hang out with his rock-n-roll buddies and shoot the bull in a casual format was "ridiculously fun".  Especially with no real journalists on the set, the show is pretty laid back and viewers get to see some of rocks biggest names in their "natural habitats".

Brian Johnson's Life on The Road makes it US debut September 15th, with Sting. Upcoming episodes include Lars Ulrich, Joe Elliot, Joe Walsh, Robert Plant, Mick Fleetwood and many others.  A rock-n-roll Who's Who list.  I'm looking forward to checking out this series.

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