We're planning on carving pumpkins this weekend at my house. I have a big family, so that means lots of pumpkins. And I usually get stuck with most of the dirty work. Everybody loves to carve them... not everyone loves cleaning the guts out. Over the years I've tried a number of different wacky ideas to supposedly make cleaning pumpkins out easier, including using a power drill. Usually with mixed results.

Last night, while mindlessly scrolling thru Facebook comments, someone posted something that I can't believe I'd never thought of before. Cut the hole for your pumpkin on the BOTTOM instead of the top. Eureka! No more burned arms trying to get a lighted candle into your pumpkin! Just set the pumpkin on top of the candle! Plus, most of the seeds and slimy stuff is connected to the bottom of the pumpkin. By making your pumpkin hole on the bottom, it's a lot easier to get all the stuff out.

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