One of our sister radio stations (97.1 Kiss FM) is doing a radio promotion "Pumpkin Smash"  this Saturday at the Maze at Grandpa's farm.  I was delegated to go pick up 25 of the 50 pumpkins to be smashed.  They will be decorated with prizes inside.  The reason I bring this up is...I kind of miss trick-or-treating with my kids!  3 of the 4 are grown now and the youngest will be 13 in a few days.  I always found it funny that we would spend money and time dressing up the kids to take them out for the night and most of the time it was really cold or snowy or raining or all of the above so they had jackets and hats on to keep them warm.  My "deal" with my kids was that once we got done trick-or-treating and got back home, we would sit in a circle in the living room.  Everyone emptied their bag and dad got to pick a few of his favorite candies for the "work" I did. Didn't fail me once.  I always went to work the next day with my own treats!

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