In living here for the last 4 years and counting, one of my all-time favorite stores is Candy Town USA. Stepping one foot in that store rockets me back to being a high schooler, way back in... 2007... when I first learned about the store, and I always have that childish smile seeing the walls of candy.

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Earlier this year, Candy Town USA moved from its original location within Shiloh Crossing just across a few parking lots, into the same complex as the AMC Theatre. The location was home to Everfit Weightloss and Toning Studio, which seems to have shut down at some point in the last two years according to Google Street View.

Take a look at my gallery below, and go enjoy the brand-new Candy Town USA!

This Massive Candy Store Is STUNNING In Its New Location In Billings, Montana.

A quick trip over to the NEW Candy Town USA was a fun one, for sure! It's candy heaven here in Montana.

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