Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden turned down the chance to be a judge on the UK version of TV singing competition The Voice. Artists currently rumored to staff the judges panel include pop singers Adele, Robbie Williams, Grammy Award winner George Michael and English model and singer Cheryl Cole.


According to The Sun, the BBC asked Dickinson to join the panel for The Voice, which would compete against the popular British singing competition The X Factor.

However, the Iron Maiden frontman said:

“That show sounds so crap and demeaning to everyone involved, I took great delight in turning the BBC down. The X Factor is appalling enough, it’s no better than Opportunity Knocks.

The Voice has already been a smash hit in the United States.  Judges on the US version included Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera last season.  Judges face away from the performers during blind auditions in order to remain unbiased in regard to each performer's style and image.

Dickinson definitely has the chops to show some aspiring vocalists a thing or two, but is looks like he won't be the world's next Simon Cowell.

Would you watch a show with Bruce Dickinson as a judge, or would he be selling out?

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