Beer companies spend a fortune on marketing (duh) and researching who their target customers are. They also know that whatever brand they get people to start drinking at 21 years old, is likely the brand they will remain loyal to as they age. Hook 'em young and keep 'em drinking the same brand is a lot better use of marketing dollars than trying to get someone to change brands. Makes sense, right?

Keystone Light understands their place in the budget beer world, and that's why they've created a clever Snapchat contest to capture those barely legal drinkers with a contest that offers a chance to win Free Rent for A Year! Here is the link to sign up HERE (obviously, you must be 21 to enter).

13 lucky winner will receive $12,000 towards rent, as well as other "adult starter pack" prizes, including a "can-delier" (a chandelier made out of Keystone Light cans) and some Keystone Light branded inflatable furniture.  OMG.

Yes, I drank Keystone Light a loooong time ago at the approximate age of 21. I think pretty much all of us have at one point. It's actually not horrible, I guess. I certainly wouldn't turn one down, if that's all that's left in the campsite cooler. I even dressed up like Keith Stone once for Halloween a few years ago. Remember those great commercials? Ah, classic. Guess I'll need to pick up a 30 rack of 'Stones and try to win that free rent! Is a chance at twelve grand worth drinking Keystone Light? Only you can decide.


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