Legal recreational marijuana use in Montana is stuck in a bit of predicament at the moment. The ballot initiatives that handily passed in November became law January 1st, 2021. Adults over 21 can now possess and use up to 1 ounce of marijuana and can have up to 4 plants in the flowering stage. That's all fine and dandy, but the state recently shot down the Department of Revenue's request for funding to get the recreational sales infrastructure in place. So you can grow it, smoke it, eat it, etc... you just can't buy it anywhere yet. Quite the pickle, indeed.

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These hiccups haven't slowed an events company in Billings from putting together what promises to be a fun and tasty event for cannabis aficionados, dubbed Rims on Fire. Hosted by Roots Market Co. the February 20 event at the Depot includes a four course dinner of cannabis infused foods, paired with CBD enhanced drinks from local mixologists Blind Bison. Old school roller skaters, dancers and other entertainment at the event sounds like a great time.

Credit: Roots Market Co ~ used with permission

A Facebook post for the event describes the evening this way:

The evening will feature a hand-crafted 4 course-infused fine dining and drinking reggae and dub experience. Locally masterminded, with you in mind. An evening of dinner and music unlike anything you've came across before. Local chefs, local music, 100% awesome
You'll need to have your Montana medical marijuana "green card" to fully enjoy the weed-infused foods. I chatted with Rims on Fire organizer Matthew Melvin (who is also the general manager at the Petroleum Club) along with chef Jeremy Evans on my show earlier this week and we talked a little bit about what to expect at the event, a first of its kind in Billings. Take a listen below.
Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

For updated ticketing information, find Roots Market Co on Facebook.

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