Trivia Thursday At Tiny's
Trivia is every Thursday night at at Tiny's. This season promises to be the best season ever of trivia at Tiny's! If you want to have some fun, join Tim and myself at 8pm tonight. The winner of each round gets a free pizza and the winner of the night gets a $50 gift card for Tiny's...
Fremont Street Sights
There are many things to see on Fremont Street and I will be showing you some of the old sights with some of the new ones as well. Actually, there is a lot of new sights on Fremont street. This is down by the weed museum.
Racer's Garage Again
Well, over the weekend I was at that racer's shop again. His Bmod was setting outside and his kid's new Bmod was in the shop getting worked on. They will be ready for race season. How about you?

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