Channing Tatum was a guest on last night’s ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon‘ and the ‘Magic Mike‘ star appeared in drag, as a tween girl in Jimmy’s recurring skit, ‘Eww!’ So what does Channing Tatum look and sound like as a 12-year-old girl?

The basic setup for ‘Eww!’ is Jimmy Fallon plays Sara (“without an H because Hs are eww!”), a girl who hosts a talk show in her parents’ basement where she discusses, with a friend, everything that’s eww. Think ‘Wayne’s World’ meets the ‘SNL’ Gap girls.

That said, we have to give Tatum credit as he goes for broke in this sketch. As he proved earlier this year in ‘21 Jump Street‘ he’s just as good at getting a laugh as he is shaking his rump on stage for randy women. It’s not something everyone could pull off (especially someone with a physique like Tatum’s) but he sells it 100%.

Check out “Eww!” with Channing Tatum in drag from ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ below.

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