Guillermo may be Jimmy Kimmel's "security guard" and "driver" and "friend," but he also has some big dreams, like usurping the late-night throne from his own boss and host of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' If that involves stealing his jokes, so be it. If that means just taking over the late-night show's air time, fine. If he needs to text high-profile guests to get them on the show, consider it done.

Turns out, Guillermo may not have Kimmel's comedic chops, but he's got some big connections, which is why he was able to host '22 Jump Street' stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill last night -- Kimmel didn't even think to call them himself, the jerk -- who brought both good humor and a new red-band trailer to the new "show" last night. Watch yourself, Jimmy.

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