"Because the best pants are no pants at all!"

Last night on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ host Jimmy Kimmel unveiled Lululemon's new (fake) product – spray on yoga pants. You can wear them everywhere! At all times! Seriously! (Maybe not?)

Lululemon’s ubiquitous yoga pants – even if you think you’ve never seen a pair, you’d be surprised – are often the topic of hot debate. Wait, wait! No, really! Yoga pants! First there was the controversy that saw one of the company bigwigs sounding off about who is the appropriate size for such pant-wearing, and now schools are banning the apparel because they’re too form-fitting. Nevermind that perhaps kids should wear something other than glorified pajamas when working on their education, these things are too damn tight! But Lululemon doesn’t care, they want still tighter.

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