If the popular 'Lie Witness News' segment on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' proves anything, it's that scads of people are prone to flat-out fibbing when approached with a seemingly obvious question, often quite hilariously. For the latest installment, host Jimmy Kimmel had his team take to the streets of Los Angeles to ask residents about their earthquake preparedness.

It's a simple and obvious question -- Southern California was rocked by a quake earlier this week -- but it's made instantly lie-worthy when people are asked if they are ready for the "big one," a shaker that's been predicted to hit the city the very next day. The results are uproarious (especially the guy who announces that he saw it "on the Facebook").

Turns out, if you stick a camera in someone's face  and pose a query that sounds like it's about something everyone knows about, the lies just flow. People don't want to look stupid, or out of the loop, or not in the know. The result? They tend to look stupid, really out of the loop, and profoundly out of the know.

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