I am sure you've driven passed Charles Ringer's place a time or two in Joilet, MT on the way to Red Lodge.  You know your passing his place.  How could you miss all the sculptures?  And unique!  Best part about his stuff.

We had called ahead on Sunday and asked if the gallery would be open so I could see his art.  My friend had a piece that Charles had done in the late 70's.   We pulled up his wife happily opened the gallery and we looked around and then my friend let his wife know that he had one of Charles's early pieces.  Lucky for us he was home and wanted to see the piece.  He fixed this piece, a lamp he made in the 70's.  He wouldn't of had to do that or take the time to talk to us. We got a tour of his shop, amazing stuff.  Nicest man on the planet.  Very cool, experience.

Above is a picture taken just outside his studio.  Next time you head that way plan to stop.  Charles Ringer Kinetic Sculpture.