Most people in south-central Montana and northern Wyoming are familiar with the Chase Hawks Memorial Association. You've probably attended their annual Rough Stock Rodeo, which always occurs the weekend after the National Finals Rodeo (mid-December) at MetraPark.  For the past few years, they've been the sponsor of Burn the Point, an extremely popular Labor Day weekend event in Downtown Billings.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Chase Hawks Blood Drive is April 27th at Gusick's.

Stop by from 11 am to 3:30 pm and donate blood! The event sounds like a good time and certainly a good cause. Chase Hawks Executive Director Teddi Vogel said,

We have teamed up with Vitalant and Gusick’s Restaurant to host a blood drive in the restaurant’s parking lot.  We will run 11-3:30 and hope to have as many community members as possible to step up and donate.  We are giving away some great Chase Hawks swag to all donors.

You can make an appointment for the special blood donation event by visiting the Vitalant registration page and using sponsor code: chasehawks

Photo provided by Chase Hawks
Photo provided by Chase Hawks

Buckaroo Bike Rodeo is on April 30th at Albertsons, 511 Central Ave.

This totally free event is Saturday, 4/30 from 10 am to 2 pm in the Albertson parking lot. Kids can have their bikes inspected (and tuned up) and free bicycle helmets are offered while supplies last. First responders will be guiding kids through the bike obstacle course and to offer safety tips and advice for young bicyclists. Attendees can register to win a new bike and enjoy a complimentary hot dog lunch.

"Neighbors helping neighbors"

From groceries and fuel to hotel rooms, bills, or emergency medical situations, the Chase Hawks Crisis Fund helps people in our area who are struggling with difficulties. Their vision of "neighbors helping neighbors" is simple,

That no person forgo necessities because of financial constraints due to a crisis.

Their efforts have given over $1,000,000 in grants to local families in need in the past 25+ years.

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