The National Park Service is opening almost 50 miles of road for cyclists who are "willing to brave the unpredictable elements," according to a press release posted on Twitter.

As of last Wednesday (March 31), Yellowstone National Park is allowing bicycles on 49 miles of park roads between the West Entrance, and Mammoth Hot Springs. The following sections of the Grand Loop Road are open for cycling:

  • West Entrance to Madison Junction
  • Madison Junction to Norris Junction
  • Norris Junction to Mammoth Hot Springs
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Medai
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

Additional roads in Yellowstone National Park will be opening for spring cycling as "conditions permit," according to the National Park Service. That includes 6 miles of park road from the East Entrance of YNP to the east side of Sylvan Pass, and 22 miles of road from the South Entrance to West Thumb.

According to the NPS website, access to spring cycling in Yellowstone usually begins in early April, but there's no set date, and "routes are only opened when snow removal and other pre-season business can accommodate cyclists."

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We talked to local cyclist Eric Warren about his ride through YNP this past weekend. Here's what he had to say:

Seeing the Park drift by at a bicycle’s pace is a surreal experience. There are beautiful scenes everywhere that are easy to miss at 45 mph. Small lakes and unnamed hot springs lie along the roadway waiting to be discovered.

Bicycles are not allowed on any other interior YNP road, until all "public motorized vehicle access" begins on April 16.

A blue sky day, great for riding the fat bike on the groomed ski trail.
Credit: methowtime

Here are some things the National Park Service says you should take seriously when planning a spring bicycle trip in Yellowstone National Park:

Snowplows and other motorized vehicles operated by park employees or construction workers on the road.

Quickly changing weather conditions.

Temporary road closures due to weather conditions.

Snow and ice covering sections of road.

Wildlife on roads.

No services available, except limited restrooms.

There are several guidelines the NPS provides to stay safe while cycling through Yellowstone National Park, including riding during daylight hours only, carry bear spray and know how to use it, and with limited cellular phone service in the park, you should plan for self-rescue and repair.

To find out more about spring cycling in Yellowstone National Park, CLICK HERE.

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