Matt Cardy,Getty Images

Oh, the holidays.  Family, friends, food and, of course, the drinks. I've found the recipes to some of my favorite booze-fueled holiday drinks.

You don't have to be a current or former bartender to make these drinks. In fact, a Grinch only has a couple ingredients. Yeah, easier than you thought.

Cheer friends and enjoy the holidays. Drinking and driving are never a good choice and even worse around the holidays.

So, just remember that AAA  is providing free cabs until Jan. 3rd in the Billings city limits. Just call 800- 222-4375

1.  Grinch

2.  Christmas Cookie

3.  Easy Blender Eggnog

4.  Candy Cane

5.  Christmas Punch

6.  Mogul Masher

7.  Santa Shot

8.  Grand Coffee

9.  Hot Buttered Rum

10.  Rusty Apple Toddy