Resistance is futile. Candy bowls are everywhere this time of year.  I can't help but grab a piece when I walk by one of the candy bowls here at the radio station. My choice today was a grape Tootsie Pop. I know I am not the only person who still checks to see if they get one with the "Indian shooting a star" wrapper. Because that means you win a free Tootsie Pop, right? Wrong.

This rumor has been around pretty much since they introduced the candy.  According to their website:

It has been rumored that local convenience stores used to give a free Tootsie Pop to anyone who brought in a wrapper containing the image of the shooting star. Unfortunately, we do not know how this rumor started and Tootsie Roll Industries has never actually honored this promotion. In fact, the shooting star appears on 1 in every 4 to 6 Tootsie Pop wrappers, just as frequent as the other images appear.  However, we do believe the star is a sign of good luck to come.

Dang. No free sucker. That got me thinking about some other silly childhood things we believed. My grandma did this thing when we were little where if she rubbed a dandelion on your face and it made a yellow spot, it meant you liked butter.

Let's hear some of your childhood myths or superstitions you believed. Let us know in the Comments.

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