My wife and I received our Laurel municipal general election ballots in the mail yesterday. Not too much to choose from on this round of voting. Only three different things. The Laurel mayor position (running unopposed).  There was a blank write-in spot for a councilperson for Laurel Ward 4.  There was only one item that my vote was important for, and that was if the school district should purchase a plot of land just north of town for a new school.

This was one of the simplest ballots I've ever filled out. But even on the regular elections I LOVE absentee ballots. Here's why:

  • I don't have to wait in line for anything or go anywhere. You can fill out your absentee ballot on the couch with a beer in your hand, watching TV.
  • I can leisurely research any of the issues. This ballot was very basic, but on the statewide initiatives there can be a number of items that I like to research before filling out the little oval.
  • Once you register absentee, the ballots just show up in your mail any time there is an election for anything. It's impossible to forget to vote.
  • So. Easy.

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