One of the cool things about Twitter is the dialogue it can open up between artists and their fans. But as was recently the case for Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, that communication can take a dark turn.

Local Seattle station KIRO 7 reports that a woman has been charged with using the social media service to allegedly send death threats -- over 100 in all -- to Cornell from an assortment of Twitter accounts. "A Seattle woman has been charged for allegedly tweeting death threats to Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell," says the report, which you can watch above. "Prosecutors claim Elizabeth Walden had nine different Twitter accounts and sent more than 100 messages to Cornell. They say the postings also alluded to a rape of his 13-year-old daughter. Prosecutors say those tweets constituted cyber-stalking and they filed criminal charges against her this week."

As Loudwire reports, Cornell has been through this type of thing before. A decade ago, when his wife was pregnant with the couple's second daughter, a deranged individual mailed them death threats against the entire family. This reportedly went on for years, with Cornell ultimately spending roughly $250,000 on a "high-tech security system to protect them [with] more than 40 video cameras, invisible laser beams, and 24-hour security guards."

At one point, Cornell also had to cope with repeated harassment from a private investigator allegedly hired by his ex-wife and former manager. Fortunately, he'll at least have the band's busy tour schedule to distract him from this latest round of unwelcome attention. Soundgarden will hit the road at the end of March for a series of dates taking them from South America to Europe, then back to the group's native Washington for a few shows in early July.

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