During the first week of October, 5956 Fox Tail Lane will become the epicenter of activity. Students enrolled in the City College at Montana State University Billings Construction-Carpentry Program will begin building a home on the property.

By year's end, a single-family home will be completed and put up for sale on the open real estate market.

This opportunity comes to the school and students via a public-partnership with developer, Classic Home Designs, according to a Montana State University Billings news release.

Students receive no financial incentive but gain valuable on-the-job training and premier cabinetry skills they wouldn't pick up as a laborer.

Francisco Saldivar, chair of the Business, Construction and Energy Technology Department, said the program prepares graduates to run their own business or enter the workforce ready to take on management responsibilities.

"The program is really tailored to entrepreneurial students," Saldivar said. "They not only get the hands-on learning but the back-end training ... that is so important in actually running a business."

Students are learning how to perform cost analyses, how to budget and how to determine their return on investment.

Some students are already laying the groundwork to begin working for themselves after graduating in the spring.

Graduates of the two-year program will earn an associate of applied science degree or can opt for a certificate of applied science.