My dad bought the first Ford Mustang in Casper Wyoming. It was a 1964 1/2. The reason it is called 1/2 is because they were made in the middle of the year.  The picture in my blog has many references. This is a die-cast of many of the cars my dad collected over the years that I now have. These 12 to 15 die-cast cars that I have are all quality and this Mustang is the oldest model.  It is a great thing to pass down to children.  I put this die-cast 1964 1/2 on my kitchen countertop to take a picture to show how cool that car really was.  Here is a young married man, buying an icon car!

I remember riding in the real car as a five, maybe six year old. He sold it, because like so many cool cars, it did not have room in the back seat for myself and my two sisters.  We ended up with a Ford Station wagon, which in later years I ending up driving to High School (talk about a chick magnet!).  I have always been drawn to older vehicles.  My dad had a Harley with a "suicide shift" from the 50's, a 64 Dodge pickup which I would end up polishing to show quality as a kid while he was at work.  He also had a car called a Berkely for a few months while I was really small, which was chain driven. I find it interesting that my dad could not even change his own oil (I would do it for him).  I just have the "blood" in me for classic cars.

I bought a 1964 Austin Healey back in the 90's and had my dad come up from Casper to Billings for a visit to take it for a spin.  My new project for this summer is a 1967 Ford F250.  I'll get it done, drop a new engine in it and have my son help me.  Pass on the passion for classics or pass on the passion for bonding.

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