My wife and I made the trip to Moscow, Idaho this weekend to visit my daughter at the University of Idaho.  I like Idaho, I've made a few trips out there to see her.  This time of year is spectacular with the changing colors.  Every time I cross the border from Montana, I notice what great shape the roads are in.  Not just the interstate but the 2 lane state roads.  I also noticed how most of the people driving are safe drivers and drive the speed limit.  This past weekend was the same.  When we got to the college town it was packed.  I went to see my daughter on "Dads Day Weekend" at the University so dads and moms were everywhere.  It was also the last day for the Farmers Market downtown.  It was also an absolutely beautiful weekend, so there were joggers, bikes and shoppers.  I soon learned that driving in a small college town that had all of these influences going on in one weekend was crazy!  Combine that with a University full of 20 somethings driving I was going nuts!  We went shopping at the Campus store so I could buy some "Vandal" swag.  So did everyone else.  At one point I wandered off in the store without my wife and daughters knowledge.  When they finally found me in the UI Vandals jacket section my daughter stated she thought she had seen me 8 or 9 times but it wasn't me.  She then realized it's "Dads Weekend" so there were a ton of gray bearded men with baseball caps on.  I informed her that is why I chose to wear the red baseball cap, easier to find in a sea of old farts.  After a busy weekend it was time to go back to Montana and it was at that point I figured out why all the drivers on the interstate were so polite and calm and driving the speed limit.  It was their way to decompress from a crazy small college town.  I drove 64 in a 65 and 73 in a 75.  Ahhh.

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