That's right!  Tonight is our company Christmas party.  January 11th.  I actually understand the reason behind the date.  When you try to organize a company function you have to realize the workers schedule during the holiday.  Never the less, this should be fun.  What makes company parties fun is introducing you spouse or significant other to your co-workers for the first time.  I find it interesting to watch my wife go through what I go through almost every day.  For 37 years I have heard the same thing..."Jeff, you don't look anything like you sound!"  After spending 365 days with my co-workers and then sharing my stories at home with my wife, she will now get to come face to face with them.  I know that moment will come tonight in the conversations that my wife will say to one of my co-workers..."you don't seem anything like Jeff has said"....I know it's a double edge sword.  Over the years I've learned that at company Christmas parties you don't: drink too much, eat to much, laugh to loud and don't talk about work.  Huh, gonna a be a good time tonight like the picture above. :)

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