Offices May Never Be The Same
Crowded cubicle spaces may be a thing of the past and office desks will be moving at least six feet apart. And you might be getting a temperature check when you enter the building. If you go back.
Vacation Time
To my defense, I really don't think about vacation days because for almost 40 years, I've been doing what I love, for a living
I saw in the news today that there were protesters in Portland that formed a "chain".  In the protesting world this particular chain was the protesters sitting down and then putting there hands through a piece of pipe, with there hands either handcuffed, zip tied together of d…
How Far Do You Drive To Get To Work In Billings?
If you love small town life, Montana has plenty of them to pick from; however, most people who live in tiny towns typically have to commute to the city to do do their job. With Montana being so spread out, it can definitely add some big city stress to small town living...
Must Have Work Item
I am sure there is something at work that you use all the time. A special screwdriver, clipboard, maybe it's the perfect sauce pan.  For me, it's my headphones.  Without those things work just doesn't go as smooth.
This is my four pair of these Sony headphones...
4 Day Work Week
Man, three day weekends.  How do we make that happen every week?  I can almost hear the bosses groaning in the background.
Why is it that when you get a three-day weekend the next week at work feels like a mad dash to get as much done as possible...
Need A Vacation? Here Are The Signs
I recently returned from a weeks vacation and I'm already showing signs of needing another. While perusing an article on, I realized my vacation didn't accomplish what it was supposed to.
Is your job stressful? Are you white knuckling your computer mouse as your co-worker drones …

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