Work is work, no matter how you look at it, but some jobs seem more glamorous than others. One seemingly attractive job that Montanans have little desire to pursue is that of social media influencer. According to an internet search data report shared by online gaming site Kajino, Montanans are the 3rd least interested in becoming social media influencers.

Behold, the "influencer." Credit Canva
Behold, the influencer. Credit Canva

Huge money for successful influencers.

2023 saw the global influencer marketing value reach $21.1 billion, and - with the US boasting some of the most famous social media stars - we are responsible for 75% of the global influencer marketing spend. With superstars like Mr. Beast (312 million followers) raking in $82 million in 2023, the biggest influencers in the US are making far more money than most celebrities in movies, sports, music, and television earn annually.

Even kids are getting rich.

If you don't know who Ryan Kaji is, I assure you that your kids do. He became famous at age 9 for his "unboxing" videos and now his empire includes collaborations with toy and game companies. His YouTube channel 'Ryans World' (above) got over 3 billion views in 2023. 

Hearing stories like this makes it hard for me to completely discourage my kids from their social media star dreams, although I'm prone to remind them they have a better chance of scoring a pro athlete deal or becoming a famous actor than being the next big social media star.

Only two states care less about being a social media influencer than Montana.

By analyzing 2023 search data for terms like "how to become an influencer", it's revealed that residents in New Mexico care the least, getting just 33.8 monthly searches per 100,000 people. Next is West Virginia (where we're pretty sure they don't even have the internet?), with 36.6. Montana ranks 3rd least interested in becoming a social media star, with a search rate of 36.9, a fraction behind West Virginia.

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