Courtney Love may have made peace with Kurt Cobain's former Nirvana bandmates, but she also seems to have picked a new feud. Apparently, she has an issue with Bruce Springsteen.

In the ninth installment of her 'Love on Love' video series (which has since been removed from YouTube), the ever-outspoken singer says that filmmaker Cameron Crowe once took her to see Springsteen at the Staples Center, but admits that she "could only last an hour and a half in a three-and-a-half hour show with the Boss."

What's her beef with Springsteen? ""My Springsteen problem is just that saxophones don't belong in rock n' roll," she said. "They just don't belong."

While we can't tell Love what to like -- taste is subjective, after all. We will take issue with her belief that saxophones "don't belong in rock n' roll." The instrument, particularly in Springsteen's music, was an acknowledgement of rock's roots in jump blues and soul. And the distortion pedal -- without which Love wouldn't have her guitar tone -- was first marketed with the idea that the electric guitar could replicate some of the grit of a sax.

However, she's willing to admit that she likes 'Nebraska,' the desolate 1982 collection of home-recorded demos that he released when sessions with the E Street Band didn't pan out. And she also said that her feelings are solely related to his music, adding, "I really like him. He's a nice guy."

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