David Bowie reportedly had "a long list of unscheduled musical releases" planned at the time of his death. These would be archival pieces, according to Newsweek, rather than additional material like the five demos left over from the recently released Blackstar.

The work has apparently been divided into eras, though the songs would not necessarily be issued in the order they were recorded. It's also still unclear how much of this material might be previously unheard. The first of these compilations could arrive before the end of 2017, Newsweek reports, with subsequent releases perhaps slowly trickling out thereafter.

“Bowie only gave you just enough of everything to still keep you hungry,” Kevin Cann, a Bowie friend, tells Newsweek. “Blackstar has only come out recently, which is enough for the moment. There’s plenty of time for other things."

A cast album from Lazarus, Bowie’s off­-Broadway play, is also in production – though a personal memoir, rumored as far back at the '70s, is not the works. Journalist Cameron Crowe seemed to doubt that an autobiography would ever appear, even back then. “Despite David’s enthusiasm," he wrote in 1976, "one suspects it may never outlast his abbreviated attention span.”

Bowie died on Jan. 10, just two days after his 69th birthday, following a previously undisclosed, 18-month battle with cancer.

Another book confirmed in 2010 as Bowie: Object was meant to guide readers through his life via a series of personally important items, but Bowie apparently didn't finish the project. There remains talk of extending the David Bowie Is tour, which also features personal artifacts, past its 2017 dates in Japan. The exhibit is currently in the Netherlands.

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