Current E Street Band member Jake Clemons isn't the only one of Clarence Clemons' relatives to enter the family business. Clemons' son, Nick, is also a veteran recording artist — and he recently released a new album, We All Bleed the Same. (Jake is the late Big Man's nephew.)

Clemons stopped by New Jersey's WKXW-FM to talk about the new LP, which arrived late last year and can be streamed or purchased at Bandcamp. The latest chapter in a recording career that includes 1991's In the Sunlight and 2013's Just to Survive, We All Bleed the Same finds Nick continuing his charity work on behalf of people struggling with addiction while carrying forward the Clemons family's musical legacy — a responsibility that, as he said in the interview, he eagerly embraces.

"My father gave a lot of love, a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and the fans appreciate it," said Clemons. "It's something I aspire to in my daily work. He gave me a great work ethic, and I think that's what spurs me to get things done."

Clemons also performed a pair of songs from We All Bleed the Same during his visit to the WKXW studio, delivering acoustic renditions of the title track (which you can watch above) and "If the Sun Comes Up Tomorrow," which you can check out below. To learn more about the Nick Clemons Band, visit their official Facebook page or follow Clemons on Twitter.

Listen to Nick Clemons' 'If the Sun Comes Up Tomorrow'

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