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Today, on my way into the Townsquare Tower, I noticed a vehicle wedged in between another vehicle and our Cat Country 102.9 vehicle. Now, being as downtown parking is the Wild West at times, we're used to it. But, when we can't even get IN the car, we take up an issue with it.

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Of course, we've taken photo proof of this... mainly because the wrap on the Cat Car is nice... and we like to keep it as nice as possible. Oh, and because the truck on the other side is so close to them I'd be shocked if they DIDN'T hit it. And, trust me. That door is not opening wide enough for even the thinnest member of our team to squeeze through.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

But, what made this one time unique enough for me to complain about it... is the sheer amount of other spots available. And, as you can see, the Cat Car is parked perfectly IN the lines. They aren't there just for show, you know.

Downtown Billings has gotten a reputation for being hard to park in, or impossible to even find a space... and seeing these types of parking jobs really does hit home.

Must be all that magnetic energy from the Aurora... making everyone unable to drive or park. Who knows.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think people need to learn to drive/park better in Billings? Do you have horror stories of bad drivers/parkers? Let us know on the station App Chat, or in the comments section on Facebook.

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