I don't know what bothers you.  Rude people with no consideration for others drive me crazy!  Really, you think your the only one walking around here?  Some people just can't see past their own nose.

So last night got home and ran a couple of errands.  Came home to find the neighbors dogs had gotten out.  They were in the middle of their escape when I pulled up.  Took me about 30 minutes but got them back in their yard and left the neighbor a note.

Come out to check on them about 30 minutes later, just to make sure they were still in the yard and find this jerk that I don't know parked at my house.  Keep in mind I have no idea who this person is, never seen the vehicle before in my life.

There was plenty of room for this vehicle to park on the street out front or even on the side street but to pull up in the alley and just think it's OK to park behind someone's house?  Really!?  Does this happen to you?