So starting out, I'll say I'm not that large of a guy. At 6'2", I'm not the fittest guy around, but I also maintain a *mostly* healthy weight. However, one thing that has bugged me since COVID came around is trying to find anything to FIT me. Luckily for me, pants aren't an issue... but finding shirts I like, in my size, seems to be next to IMPOSSIBLE.

Let Me Explain

On my trip to the mall the other day, I moseyed into Buckle, Hot Topic, H&M, Spencers, and JCPenney... window shopping for when payday comes around, and I can go grab a few more shirts. If you know me, I have just a few shirts I wear regularly... and that is simply because I can't find shirts I LIKE in my SIZE.

Now, I don't think I am being TOO picky here. For t-shirts, I am not picky at all... but finding anything above XL in these "local" stores was nearly impossible. Let's take Buckle for example, where in the past I've gotten most of my shirts.

Leaving Out The Big People

Most brands Buckle sells seem to run small on me, and as I like my shirts to fit loosely rather than snugly, I always size up to 2XL anyhow... though at Buckle, I've learned to just go with 3XL thanks to "Athletic" fit shirts.

In searching online... they have 21 shirts in stock in that size. 21. In 2XL? 171. Sheesh! And, over HALF the shirts for sale are at LEAST $40 a pop. That's an ouch to my bank account.

How about a pearl-snap shirt? I'm not talking about the Western styles, as I KNOW I can get them at Boot Barn (and own a few). In 3XL, 4 items are in stock. FOUR. For the people who can fit into a Buckle 2XL? 49.

Here's my question

Sure, maybe I shouldn't be shopping at a big box chain store. I DO like their clothes, as I'm a pearl-snap/plaid kinda guy... but where else can I find things like that, in sizes that fit, WITHOUT ordering online?

Give me your ideas, and I'll check them out this weekend in between a remote we have at Boot Barn on Saturday. I'm SURE there are great local places I should be offloading my money to... I just haven't found them yet.

And don't limit it to guys' clothing, either. Some girls I know would appreciate the information, too, as these stores seem to ignore them too.

Let me know on App Chat, Facebook... or heck, shoot me an email. I'd far rather spend MY money locally, and maybe befriend a shop owner who can keep my size around.

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