Red Ants Pants, the White Sulphur Springs based clothing company will be in Billings on Friday and Saturday, May 7 & 8 with a pop-up shop at The Base Camp, 1730 Grand Avenue. The fun-to-say company primarily makes durable work jeans designed by and made for women. The companies founder, Sarah Calhoun has been an inspiration to women and small business owners around the state and nation.

Calhoun realized a need for comfortable, well fitting work clothes for women years ago. Sitting in a coffee shop, reading a book on how to start a business, a man approached her and inquired about what kind of business she was hoping to start. That man just happened to be a former 20 year employee for Patagonia. Talk about an amazing coincidence.

Long story short, the company has become a big success, with all products designed and manufactured in the United States. Why the funny name? On their "About Us" page they share a meme that notes in an ant colony it's the female ants that do all the work. Too funny. Find out more about their pop-up shop at the Base Camp HERE.

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Besides making clothing, the company puts on the annual the Red Ants Pants Festival in field just outside White Sulphur Springs. Cancelled last year because of COVID, it's back for 2021. The July 22 - 25 event was voted Montana Event of the Year in 2018. The combination arts/music festival draws thousands and is a ton of fun. You can see the full schedule for 2021 HERE.

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