Deer. They're not known for being wildly curious, but maybe this doe's maternal instinct was kicking in.

Tiffany Gill Rogers of Lake Charles, La., recently hired a photographer to get some beautiful, professional shots of her one-month-old son, Conner. A bale of hay and a few fall-related props later, this was set to be one incredibly cute photo session.

And that's when a deer suddenly wandered into the clearing. Completely unafraid of all the humans standing around, the deer walked up to see what was going on and basically did nature's equivalent of chucking the deuces and photobombing the heck out of Conner's party.

Since the deer didn't seem to pose any threat to little Conner, photographer Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography snapped away, nailing this incredible -- and completely unplanned -- photo.

Of course, it's a bit of a bummer to know that the coolest picture you'll ever take in your life happened when you were one month old, but maybe Conner will go on to have an incredible life in pictures!

Also, just for the "VIDEO OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN" crowd, Rogers took this video of the event with her cell phone to show how surprising it all was. 

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