The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that the five Democratic candidates running for a chance to unseat first term incumbent Republican Greg Gianforte as Montana’s only congressman said on Thursday– each in their own way– that the state needs someone who will stand up to President Donald Trump.

Attorney John Heenan, former land trust director Grant Kier, former state legislator Kathleen Williams, former Justice Department attorney Jared Pettinato and environmental attorney John Meyer blasted Trump’s policies on tax reform, health care and tariffs. The televised debate in Helena featured occasional conciliatory tones, as some candidates said they would work with Trump when it’s in the state’s interest, and oppose him when it’s not– which Billings lawyer and small businessman Heenan said is more than Gianforte is doing. The more centrist Kier appealed to voters beyond the June 5th primary.

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